The Transport of Bromine into the Atmosphere in Polar Regions (Ph.D.)

I am researching the polar transport of bromine and other sea salts from the ocean into the atmosphere, and its impact on tropospheric ozone photochemistry. Specifically, I am trying to identify the mechanism by which these substances enter the boundary layer, hypothesized to be blowing snow.

Weather Forecasting: Shadowing in the Atmosphere (M.S.)

A hurricane is threatening to strike the coast. How long until it hits? Where? Is this forecast accurate? How can we increase the time our models are a true representation of reality?

Studying the Air-Water Interface of Porous Media (B.A.)

There is a gas spill threatening to endanger a town's water supply. Where will the gas flow? How long will it be retained in the soil? How do the physical properties of the soil affect the transport of the contaminant?